Integrate the colors of the liturgy into your daily life.

The Colors of Faith Liturgical Color Display creates a daily visual reminder of faith and the significance of each day (i.e. saint’s feast day, Advent, etc.). A unique gift of faith consisting of an 8” standing mahogany cross, a set of chiffon stoles in liturgical colors (the same as the priest’s vestments), and a liturgical calendar, showing the appropriate color for each day. Suitable for use in any room in your home, or your office. It makes a great tool for teach the liturgical colors at home, in religious education or parochial school classroom.

The Perfect Gift

A perfect gift for any religious occasion such as first communion, confirmation, wedding, Christmas, or Easter, as well as a thank you for sponsors and Godparents, etc. Help a loved one, a child, or yourself learn more about his or her faith with this original gift idea.

Arrives ready to use within minutes: set up the cross, check the liturgical calendar for the appropriate color, drape the stole, and show your colors!

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Show Your Colors!

The inspiration for Colors of Faith came primarily from my experience in R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the process of joining the Roman Catholic Church for those not raised in it) combined with curiosity about aspects of church tradition, including the use of liturgical colors

What are liturgical colors, you may be asking yourself? They are symbolic colors used throughout the year to signify church seasons, such as Lent or Advent; important church calendar events such as the Annunciation of the Lord or Good Friday; and saints’ feast days (red is used for martyrs). They appear in the priest’s vestments (the special garments he wears during Mass) and are used in church and altar decor.

It was the change in the colors of the vestments and altar decorations that really caught my attention. Why did they change? And, what did the colors mean? Because I couldn’t find an existing product to teach me about the colors and their symbolism, I created the first Colors of Faith Liturgical Color Display.

After that, I made them as gifts. My church began to order them for graduating R.C.I.A. classes. Finally, I had what I view as a somewhat miraculous event in my life, the appearance of an Our Lady of Guadalupe medal where it had not been a moment before, and that more than anything convinced me to move forward with my plan to make this unique product available to anyone interested in learning more about his or faith.

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